What Can You Do With The Weed Trim?

Any cannabis grower knows that you can trimming a plant takes a lot of time and that every grower does not want to throw away that trim just like that. After all, it can be used for something. Though the potency is not as strong as with real buds, it still can give you some effects. There are a lot of websites that offer weed trim for sale and you just need to buy more to have enough to use it for making various products. Let’s find out what you can make with the weed trim!

Store the trim as a spice

The first thing you can do is to store the trim as your spice. Before you do this, you should grind up your trim to make it better and easier to store as well. You do not want to eat real leaves when you sprinkle it over your pizza.

Cannabis Plant In Bucket
Full Bucket Of Marijuana

The trim can last for a long time, but be aware of storing it in the glass jar. Storing it in the plastic boxes may influence its smell and you surely do not want to have a spice that smells like plastic. Therefore, store it in the glass jar, sprinkle it over your pizza or place it in the broth, and you will have a fine and unique food that tastes sticky-icky food!

Make hash or kief

Another great thing you can do, especially if you are a smoker, is to make a hash or kief from your trim. As you know, the trimmed leaves contain the psychoactive trichomes and one of the best ways to preserve these is by making the DIY hash.

You will need a silkscreen to separate the trichomes from the leaves as the leaves do not provide any effect. The leaves are there just to carry out the trichomes! So, place the trim over the silkscreen and rub the trim so the trichomes could fall off and pass through the screen. Note that you will need a lot of trim to notice the layer of kief that is formed on the bottom of the can.

Try to make edibles

First of all, you will need a lot of trim to make edibles that can produce medical effects. Also, to use the trim properly, you need to dissolve THC in the oil, butter, milk or alcohol. We recommend you dissolving it in milk or oil, but you can use other solutions as well.

Cutting Cannabis
Man Using Gloves To Cutting Marijuana

Grind up your trim to the powder and add it to the hot oil/milk/butter. Note that you have to stir for a couple of hours constantly until you see that your leaves are “blank” (do not contain any crystals on themselves). Now, use a strainer to strain out the leaves and end up with the crystals. Once you remove the leaves material, the product you end up with are the dissolved THC crystals. Now, add that crystals/mass to any food you want and make your cannabis edibles with the weed trim!